13 Jul 2018

New Handbook

A MUST READ. The Athletic Handbook has undergone a major change and update.

Recently the Student / Parent Athletic Handbook has gone through some significant changes. All families are encouraged (actually required) to read the new handbook and learn more about the “next level” for Circle Athletics. Included is an updated mission statement, philosophy and core values for Circle Christian School Athletics. You will also see a new emphasis effort towards spiritual formations within our teams, school wide fundraiser efforts, and guidelines for Athletics / Fine Arts Cooperation.  Also, new policies on multi-sport athletes, overlapping seasons, and club teams have been added as well as conflict resolution and new guidelines for coaching expectations and efficient team communications. The handbook closes with a new section on covenant goals for the athletic department, athletes, parents, and coaches.

The Student / Parent Athletic Handbook can be viewed on the Circle Athletic Website by clicking “Handbook” on the navigation bar. Should you have any questions please contact the Circle Director of Athletics at markc@circlechristianschool.org.