4 Oct 2019

Bowling Teams are 7-0


Circle Teams are 7-0

By Coach Howell

October 3, 2019

Circle’s 7th game of the 2019 season was away against West Orange at Bowlero in Apopka, FL.  Today’s match was 2 games of 10-pin and 3-games of Baker. Each game was worth 1-point and the team with the most points won the match.  Both Circle teams walked away with a win.

The Boys team lost the 1st 10-pin 957-879.  Rohde Barber led Circle with a 213 game.  Circle won the 2nd 10-pin game 1079-821.  Dylan Murray led with a 265, Rohde added a 206, Gavin Murray had a 205 and Tyler Humphreys had a 204.  Circle won the 1st Baker Game 156-139, won the 2nd Baker game by coming from behind 192-189 and lost the 3rd Baker game 176-166.  Zack Kimmel, Preston Recker and Reed Podrotty were all 100% in Marks made in Baker.  Circle Boys won the match 3-2. Boys team is 7-0 for the season.

The Girls team won the 1st 10-pin game 909-657.  Ainsley Chambers led Circle with a 211, Gianna Bringham had a 206 and Macy Barber had a 201.  Circle won the 2nd 10-pin game 773-620 with a team effort.  Circle won the 1st Baker game 140-96, won the 2nd Baker game 214-139 and won the 3rd Baker game 178-86.  Grace Bringham was 100% in Marks made.  Circle Girl’s won the match 5-0. Girls team is 7-0 for the season.

Our next match is Monday 10-7-19 home at Boardwalk Bowl starting at 3:00 pm against Boone High.  It is air-conditioned with no rain forecast inside so come out and watch.

To check out High School Bowling scores and pictures of some Circle players go to http://www.orlandosentinel.com/sports/highschool/