8 Nov 2019

Bowling Finishes the Season on a High Note

Congratulations to the boys and girls bowling team for a strong finish in the state bowling tournament.

The event was held at the Boardwalk Entertainment Center here in Orlando.  It featured all of the teams throughout the state who had survived their district and regional competition.

State play began with all the team pitted in seeded competition with the goal of being in the top 16.  At the end of the morning, Circle Girls held the 6th spot and the Boys were in the 2nd.  In the afternoon session, the boys played well but were eliminated in the 3rd round.  The girls finished the team portion of the tournament in 6th place.

On the individual front, 3 circle bowlers managed to compete deep into the tournament.  On the boy’s side, Dylan Murray made it to the second round being eliminated by the eventual State Champion.  Macy Barber and Grace Bringham made it through to the final three.   In the end, Macy secured the #3 spot and Grace #2 capping off a solid tournament and a fantastic season.

Congratulations again the boys and girls bowling team and Coach Michael Howell for another great season of Circle Bowling.